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      Wonson International Co., Ltd, Established Parent company in London, UK in Oct, 2014. it has become one of the leading service suppliers in Marine Automation System, Marine Switchboard & Ballast Water Treatment System. etc...

      In last 5 years, we took full focus in improoving engineering skill an d make the team bigger & stronger, at the same time, we eatablished subsidiary company an d branch offices as below:

      Headquarters : Shanghai,(Financing headquarter in London, United kingdom)

      China Branch offices : Zhoushan, Jingjiang, Fuzhou, Guangzhou(On the construction)

      Korea office : Busan

      Singapore office : Ubi-Tech Area(On the construction)

      Through the endeavors to improve ourselves in an environment of rapid change, we have become one of the leaders in the market.

      As we always have, we will research an d develop continuously to provide a successful future with better  service via best man power.

      We promise you to do our best as a competent partner.

      Work for Fun !!!!

      職位名稱 工作地點 工作經驗 招聘人數 月薪 更新時間
      壓載水服務工程師 泰州市 3年以上 若干 面議 2020-11-24
      中高壓配電服務工程師 舟山市 3年以上 若干 面議 2020-11-24
      光纜熔接工程師 舟山市 不限 1-2人 面議 2020-11-09
      修造船現場監理 舟山市 3年以上 若干 面議 2020-11-09
      監測報警服務工程師 舟山市 3年以上 若干 面議 2020-11-09
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